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Sound Management Company

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Sound Management Company, Ltd. (Russia) is a managing company providing strategic planning and coordination for the Alliance of three foremost leading distribution companies operating within the B2B and B2C channels of MI, Pro Audio and Lighting Equipment markets in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

A&T Trade Distribution

A&T Trade Distribution, founded in 1990, is the largest distributor of musical instruments and equipment in post-Soviet territory. The company works in four strategic markets: MI, pro audio and lighting, cinema installations, recording and post-production equipment. A&T Trade brand portfolio includes such world-renown brands as Shure, Fender, Korg, Ibanez, Martin Professional, Mackie (Loud Tech.), Digidesign, Martin Audio (more than 50 brands total). A&T Trade distribution company has two sister companies: Zvuk . Svet . Kino™ - a nation-wide installation company ... more


PetroShop is one of the most respected companies in the marketplace. Since its inception in 1991 it has had a huge impact on MI market in Russia and ex-USSR. Petroshop is an exclusive distributor of Marshall, Gibson, Peavey and Crest Audio among other prominent brands. Petroshop has a diverse array of affiliated businesses that includes a network of retail stores targeted at various customer groups, as well as an installation company and one of the most advanced recording studios in Russia   ... more

Mega Music

Mega Music, founded in 1994, is a well established and leading distributor and system integrator in touring and contractor markets. Mega Music's philosophy is not just to be a product supplier, but also to offer the most appropriate and comprehensive solutions for projects of any shape and size. Mega Music's experience, consulting expertise and advanced R&D account for its success and are always in demand in these highly competitive markets   ... more

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